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privacy and security threats in a connected home

Why do you need whole home cyber threat protection?

Everything is a computer

The average home has 25 connected devices. The average person has 40 apps on their phone. Threats to your family's privacy and online safety lurk on every app, device or website. Bad guys want your data, your identity and even want to use your devices for nefarious purposes.

No Security without Privacy

Apps, devices and websites leak data. Scammers, fraudsters and hackers seek personal information to target attacks. Data brokers, ad networks, big corporations collect and share your data with hundreds of third parties and even foreign entities.

Threats in the Connected Home

Number of companies that can collect information about us daily across all of our apps, devices and websites
Possible number of cyberattacks a connected home could see in a single day
Average number of websites a connected home talks to in a single day
Average number of pieces of demographic information collected by smart phone apps

What is Kavalan?

Kavalan is a privacy-first cybersecurity product for the connected home. Kavalan protects all connected devices in your home from privacy threats such as trackers, ad networks, data brokers, etc as well as from cyberthreats such as malware, botnets, phishing and more.  

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Constant always-on security and privacy

We add and remove devices, we add and remove apps, we may even change homes, we may change internet service providers, we may change internet routers. Kavalan protection stays with you - always on, always guarding across every device, app and website you use.

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key FEATURES and benefits

What can Kavalan do?

Block cyberthreats
Block privacy violations
Block internet ads
Threat and Usage Insights
Block adult content
Deep privacy analysis


Automatic protection of unlimited devices including laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, televisions, smart speakers, wearables and more from against botnets, malware, phishing and more


Apps, devices, websites all collect information about you. Automatic protection against trackers, data brokers, ad networks and more.

Ad Blocking

Enjoy a cleaner, safer internet experience on your home Wi-Fi network with ad free websites. Protect yourself against adware, malvertising and privacy violating ad networks across all apps and websites.


How often does your home talk to the internet? How often do the devices in your home talk to the internet while you were asleep? Activity and threat insights in a rolling 24 hour dashboard.

Content Blocking

Block or unblock social media apps and adult sites across all of the devices (yes, even on devices like your televisions) in your home in one click.

Privacy Advisory

Who may have access or rights to access to your geo-location, search location, browsing history, contact info or more? Understand your privacy exposure across apps, devices and websites that you use.
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Flexibity, Control and Insights

Protect unlimited devices in your home including laptops, smart TVs, smart lightbulbs, smart TVs, smart phones and more. If you connect it, protect it.
Key Features
Kavalan Light
Kavalan Standard
Automatic blocking of malware, botnets, phishing, spam and more
Automatic blocking of trackers, data brokers and privacy violators
24 hour rolling dashboard and insights
48 hour DNS query deletion
Email Support
Block/Unblock curated apps
Block/Unblock what you want
Dedicated Security-Cloud-for-the-home
Adult Content Blocking
Deep Privacy Analysis
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Kavalan Pricing

Affordable, Whole Home Protection

Try Kavalan free for 30 days - no credit card needed!  Save upto 40% with our Annual subscription plan.
Kavalan Light
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Kavalan Light
$6.99 per month
Kavalan Standard
$11.99 per month
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how it works

Powerful DNS Filtering

Kavalan uses the power of Domain Name Service (DNS) technology to filter out privacy and security threats to your home. Change just ONE setting on your home internet router and you are done! Kavalan stands guard 24x7 at the gates of cyberspace to protect all devices and automatically block all threats!

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how we keep your data private

Our Privacy Promise

We do not sell your information to any third party. Period! No, 'ifs' or 'buts' about it.
We do not use trackers or cookies or any other tracking technology in our product
We delete all your DNS query data every 48 hours. We only store it to show you a rolling dashboard