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Cyber safety and cyber awareness made fun, readable and relatable.

2024 Newsletters

Cyber safety tips, updates on new and emerging scams, latest threats that affect various smart home devices and we probe into why big tech companies know what we want even before we do. This and more - with contributions from our completely non-existent and totally fictitious team of cyber reporters.

  • Dec 2023: The holiday edition covers the good, the bad and Samuel's ugly sweater.

  • Nov 2023: Maureen has a history lesson, Jake name drops criminals and Samuel hates online quizzes.

  • Oct 2023: Jake the Pedantic needs no cookies, Maureen is now MADD and Samuel scrambles to stop Aunt Mabry's click!

  • Sep 2023: Jake the Pedantic knows what you did last Sunday and we discuss Hot Topic (hope you get the pun after you read).

  • Aug 2023: The Doctor, The Janit0r, Phlashing and Juice Jacking will become part of your cocktail party lexicon.

  • July 2023: Maureen The Clean joins our cyber reporting team to express her hatred of The Great Cannon of China.

  • June 2023: We introduce our newest completely fictional team member while we scratch our heads over which company knows what about us.

  • May 2023: What does the Serengeti have to do with cyber threats? What can we do for free to stay safer online in our homes? What is a Pig Butchering Scam?


Our All Star Cyber Reporting Team

Our completely fictitious and totally non-existent reporting personas. These reporters speak to those worries that we all have and problems that we all face in our online lives. They bring us news and views to help us have light even in the darkest corners of the internet

Jake the Pedantic

Cyber nerd who lives in his mom's basement. Jake is full of advice when it comes to cyber safety and and smart home devices

Samuel the Harangued

Samuel's sole mistake in life was to work in the IT industry. He has hence become the IT guy for all of his family and friends

Maureen The Clean

Maureen business professional, multi-tasking, tech-savvy mom who likes her home, office and internet clean!