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Everything Is Connected

Devices, apps, websites and online services you use form what hackers call the 'attack surface'. Protect your digital assets and your 'attack surface' with whole home Intelligent Digital Safety.

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Cyber Threats In The Connected Home

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks occur in not just email but also social media, messenger apps, chat forums gaming channels and more.

How Kavalan Helps

Kavalan blocks all communications with known phishing domains including read-receipts, email or message previews giving phishing sites no information about your computer.

Botnet Attacks

Computers, cameras, baby monitors and other devices in your home can be taken over by attackers and used for nefarious activities such as attacking computers owned by companies and even governments.  

How Kavalan Helps

Kavalan blocks communications with known botnet sites as well as command-and-control sites used by hackers to control your devices.

Key Loggers

A kind of malware that tracks every key stroke on your keyboard. Key loggers can capture your passwords, financial information and more. Key loggers can capture data from physical and virtual key boards.

How Kavalan Helps

Kavalan automatically blocks known key loggers from communicating with their command and control servers. Kavalan reduces your risk of identity theft and data loss

Other Malware Threats

Malware can affect any connected device including smart TVs and other smart appliances. Malware can steal data or even damage devices. Malware may include trojans, viruses and more

How Kavalan helps

Kavalan sources multiple threat intelligence feeds to identify and block known malware domains to prevent devices from being infected. Kavalan also blocks any existing malware from communicating with known command and control domains that may be used to exfiltrate your personal data.
Hidden cyber threats
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Commercial Grade Cyber Threat Protection For The Home

Kavalan monitors millions of cyber threat intelligence data points a day from commercial grade threat intelligence feeds to keep your home and your devices safe from the latest cyber threats.

Always-on, whole home cyber threat protection is included in both Kavalan Light and Kavalan Standard Intelligent Digital Safety products

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