Intelligent Digital Safety
Kavalan Standard

Whole Home Cyber Safety, Privacy, Control, Flexibility and Insights

automatic unlimited device protection

Commercial grade, dedicated cloud based firewall to block cyber threats before your home even talks to the sites. Protect smart TVs, smart speakers, smart phones, tablets, smart light bulbs, your home internet router and more. If you connect it, you can protect it with Kavalan Standard.
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Automatic privacy threat blocking

Privacy threats target every family member across apps, devices and websites. 10% of daily internet traffic in a connected home consists of tracking of our internet behaviors and collected of data. Kavalan identifies and blocks over 4 million privacy violating technologies and entities.
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Control and flexibility

Block or unblock social media apps, streaming apps, gaming apps in one click.
Block or unblock any internet domains across every device in your house.
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Unprecedented privacy risk insights

Who has what information about you and your family? Who may be collecting your search history? Who may be collecting your browsing history? Deep Privacy Analysis insights to empower informed choice on your family's internet habits.

parental controls and online safety

Block adult content across every device in the home with just one click. Block curated streaming apps, social media apps and unwanted websites.

Kavalan standard Pricing


Monthly Subscription


Billed Monthly. Includes unlimited devices.

Annual Subscription


Billed Annually. Includes unlimited devices. 21% savings
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30 day free trial

Try Kavalan Light for Free

Try the Kavalan Light version free for 30 days. Try on one device or the whole house - your choice! No credit card needed.

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