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Protect Your Data, Know Your Risk

Privacy Protection On Every App, Device, Website And Online Service Used In The Home

Our Daily Digital Data Trail

Our Sensitive Data Is Collected And Sold

Apps, device makers, websites, online services collect and share our data. Over 3000 data brokers collect and sell over 1500 pieces of information about every single one of us. We have limited visibility to who has access to what data of ours.

Our Data Can Be Used Against Us

Personalized cyber attacks, targeted ads, access to services, differential pricing for products, access to discounts and more are influenced by the data we reveal from our daily online behaviors.

key Privacy features

Automatic Blocking of Privacy Violators

Kavalan automatically blocks over 4 million privacy violating technologies and entities. Kavalan blocks cookies, trackers, pixels, beacons, ad networks, data brokers and more across every app, device, website and online service used in your home.

Automatic privacy blocking is included in both Kavalan Light and Kavalan Standard product tiers.

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Daily Privacy Dashboard

A home with 10 connected devices can see over 2000 privacy violations a day. See what Kavalan blocked to protect your home.

Rolling 24 hour privacy dashboard is included with both Kavalan Light and Kavalan Standard.

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Data Exposure Risk Report

A privacy radar for your whole family and whole home! Do games collect your child's geo-location or search history? Do apps collect your browsing history? Know your privacy exposure. Review and take action on your privacy options with each entity.

Data Exposure Risk Report is included with Kavalan Standard

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key privacy benefits

Cleaner Internet

Lesser ads across apps and websites. Better content experience.

Risk Reduction

Lesser data collection and exposure to data brokers.

Risk Insights

Better visibility into the whole family's privacy exposure
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